“Joy Simpson has assessed me twice for examination concessions. Each time she has been warm, friendly, empathetic and very professional. Her reports have been well received by the examining boards. I have always been granted the concessions that Joy has recommended. I whole heartedly recommend Joy to anyone who may require her expertise in Dyslexia”

Rachael M (Wellbeing Counselling Shropshire)

"When we first became aware that Aimee may have difficulties with her reading and writing we felt in the dark about how to help her. Aimee was very distressed by the differences between her and the other children and her confidence was suffering. The school seemed unwilling to help as they kept saying she was too young to assess. Thankfully we met Joy, who completely understood our frustrations and worries and most importantly she understood Aimee.

Aimee's assessment was carried out in a relaxed and informal way, so that Aimee didn't even realised she was being assessed, something we have come to realise is crucial when dealing with the crippling confidence issues dyslexia can bring. Aimee will always have to work harder than most other pupils around her, but she is developing ways of coping and she has come to accept her difficulties, this is all thanks to Joy’s exceptional teaching methods and deep understanding of dyslexia. Thank you."

Sarah J (mother of Aimee, aged 8)

"Joy assessed my eldest daughter just before she went to university; this meant that she had access to support and specialist equipment at university. She was also allowed to take her exams using a computer, which enabled her to use her strategies and have the extra time she needed to process her ideas. She left university with a 2:1 in history.

Joy was very supportive throughout the process and clearly explained to my daughter and myself what was happening and what everything meant. She checked that we were happy at each stage of assessment and then explained the results in a manner that we could understand.

Having had one daughter assessed, I was more confident the second time. My younger daughter was assessed at the beginning of year 12, this meant that we were able to access support from school and allowed her additional time for her A2 exams. She feels that this made a huge difference and allowed her time to use her strategies.

I am happy to recommend Joy to anyone in a similar position and feel that the assessment made a difference to my daughters not just academically but also to self esteem and confidence."

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